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Last updated 30/11/2016:

29/11/16- Updates on Quadraphonic Project

Major updates to the Theremin, and hopefully a video of it in action in the near future!Read More

29/11/16- Generative Game Audio Engine!

For my Dissertation, I’m creating a dynamic game music engine in Max, which will algorithmically generate music influenced by gameplay. The final product is intended at this stage to be a basic spaceship game in Unity. Here is where I am so far.

30/11/16- Bowhead Whale Project

I am composing music for a Computer-Generated Video of a bowhead whale for the 1st Week of December. This will be displayed in Hull’s Maritime Museum in spring 2017.

I’m composing primarily in Ableton Live, and using other programs to manipulate sounds and samples. I plan to detail the process from start to finish in brief blog posts at different points in the project’s lifespan. Heres the story so far...

20/10/16- "Tubes" Live at Fruit, Hull

This is a live performance of a piece called Tubes, which I performed as part of Hull University's Dark Room event last year at Fruit. I used a range of old and new equipment to play it, and I had the mission of pushing old technology such as a Roland drum machine (DR-5) well past what it was intended for. I also used a Faderfox to manipulate many effects and mix the sound, but the main addition to piece came from my angry pink Thereminator from Error Effects- it also added something visual as waving a hand over it created various sounds. It was great fun, and I look forward to uploading more music in the future, as well as a recording of Tubes.

09/09/16- Review- Bitch Theme- Pet Ur Dog (E.P.)

Bitch Theme- Pet Ur Dog Album Cover

Over the past few days, I've been listening to an E.P. by a Brighton 4 piece called Bitch Theme, and wrote a short review of what I thought of it.

09/06/16- Code- Quadraphonic Max/Msp Project

It's been a few weeks since the last update, which has largely been because of University work taking priority, but in and amongst the work has been my work on a project with the working title "Quadraphonic". This is a four-person music making system made in Max/Msp, which will hopefully be uploaded here in an .exe and max code soon. I plan to keep developing the project over the summer, adding in features to make this software even easier to set up and use, whilst also adding more depth to what it can do.

This video is a rather dry, wordy run through of what Quadraphonic is curently capable of on a technical level, but I'm hoping to add examples of music made using the four instruments to show it off better.

09/06/16- Blog: Second Place in Pandemic Survival Nationals!

Pandemic Survival Nationals

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to take part in the national Pandemic Survival competition. Pandemic is probably my favourite board game, and I had a great time playing, and experiencing the UK Board Game Expo at the Birmingham NEC. This is a brief post about it, but I may add more later on about the Pandemic itself, and other things.

13/05/16- Album Review- Bob Mould: Patch the Sky.

As part of a Musicology module at Uni, I have been writing up a review of Bob Mould's rather brilliant new album "Patch the Sky." There were a few things which needed doing for it to be graded work, which were pretty much limited to a word count of around 2,500 words, and also referencing other critics who had reviewed this album. Hopefully what I've written will be worth a read to someone. I might carry on with these reviews if they are recieved nicely or something to that effect, as it was quite nice to have a chance to digest an album like this.

03/05/16- Video Upload- Beverley Gate Collaborative Arts Project

From September to December 2015, I worked with a group of students from backgrounds of Creative Writing, Film Editing, and Music to produce a short video combining our talents, focussing on a Hull landmark's history. We left this video looping in Hull University Library, and invited visitors to leave their thoughts about the Beverley Gate's current situation as well as how they felt about it's historical connotations. For the final evening of the exhibition, we performed the piece with live spoken word, and I performed the piece using sampling and live effects manipulation. The whole process was extremely enjoyable, and it was rewarding when we saw the finished product on display.