CWL Commissioner Update/Plans ahead

This month has seen a fair amount more added to the project. Players can now predetermine their match results, sign wrestlers, book fully. There’s also been some prettification to the UI at last!

Nearly release time?

Not quite… but closer than ever. It’s a case of me wanting to offer something that genuininely is better and has more to offer than the last test build on the old system. To reach feature parity, I’ll need:

  • Booking matches
  • Moddable save system
  • Selecting and loading saves
  • Settings
  • Contract management
  • Wrestler stats
  • Date system with expiring contracts, cities, years etc
  • Match simulation (Completed, just refining and adding features)
  • Ratings (Completed, just need to improve the display for it)
  • Injuries (In progress, part of match simulation)
  • New game saves (Starting once I’ve finished the above)
  • Mod pack support for new saves (Packs load in, just got to do the UI code and add support for multiple packs in one save)
  • Drafting rosters (Added the core code, just need to migrate the UI behaviours)
  • Calendar (Started, but still a lot to do)
  • Emails (Implemented! Planning to add contextual buttons to the UI)

That’s a lot!

Why yes, yes it is. But with the new code system, these types of lower level code are often so much easier to implement. I’ll never need to get a hash table value, convert the value, do the thing, convert the value back then store it again… only coding a feature once, and coding it properly that one time helps tremendously.

What’s new in this build? (already added)

Screenshot of wrestler selection screen

  • Nicer looking menus and overall appearance
  • Stability with saves and settings (hopefully infinitely fewer issues)
  • Debugger – players can press a shortcut and tell me what error they see or what the debugger says.
  • Proper injury system that works with booking – much clearer and realistic system where an existing injury will worsen.
  • Match types!!! The way that I wanted them – I Quit match in a cage? 12 person submission-only War Games? Already possible. I’ve split the rules and structure to allow a more modular booking experience.
  • Hopefully championships and rivalries at a basic level are on their way!

Here goes! 🙂

Thanks for reading, I post a bunch on Twitter now too if you’d like more regular short-form updates.

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