Introducing the Quadrophonic Project!

For the last month or so, work on this site has ground to a halt in order to create the Quadraphonic Project. Version 1 had to be made to a deadline in order to be submitted as coursework for the Interactive Technologies module on my Uni Course, but it is my intention to continue developing and improving Quadraphonic further, adding features, instruments, and of course improvements.

I settled on the working title Quadraphonic as the project is centred around four people making music different ways. Presently there are four “roles” to choose from, and each of them are designed to be easy to pick up, whilst providing enough scope to allow musical development. The project is aimed at novices, who may have no musical experience, but still be able to collaborate musically with these instruments. I’m learning how to export the whole project as a standalone .exe file, and when I have it in a working state, I’ll upload it here.

I’ll update this page in the near future with more details about each of the four roles, and also more video examples of how it works on a practical level. I was very keen on creating the kind of group music making that a band has in their jam sessions, where everyone is confident enough to experiment with what they’re playing and also interact through the music.

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