Second place in Pandemic Surival the UK Games Expo!

Last weekend, I had the chance to take part in the UK Games Expo’s Pandemic Survival tournament. It was an incredible amount of fun, and the expo itself was huge. My trusty partner and I made it to second place in the Nationals, scoring a rather lovely trophy in the process.

I may at some stage sit down and write up a few thoughts and strategies we found worked well whilst we were practicing for the tournament, and also what the actual tournament is like. If the chance comes up to play Pandemic, I’d hugely recommend it, as it is so enjoyable (brutal, but enjoyable). The Expo is an awesome experience, as there’s so much there to see and do- it would be worth going just to have a weekend trying out different games which are set out on the tables. We had an amazing weekend, and Esdevium games who ran the tournament were really great throughout, even taking the time to call me when I had a question about the competition.

As I said, I might add some more Pandemic content to this post later on, but we’ll see how I get on!

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