Spaces and Places- Weekly task 2: Multitasking


This is a sketch of a performance which would take place in a kitchen at Cranbrook Avenue, Hull. The plan is to use loudspeakers to deploy existing sounds from a space, and then present them as a live re-working.The listener would be positioned in the centre of the kitchen, and the performers will either be using laptops on the sofas, or operating the appliances to create the source audio. To enhance the effect, and the surprise of what happens to the sounds (as well as how many people are in the room), the listener would ideally be blindfolded, but that would be optional.

The first phase of the performance would be Performer A using each appliance, to familiarise the listener with the auditory environment of the space, and provide source audio for Performers C, and D to sample. Performer A should take care to minimise the sound of them moving, so that there is the impression of the appliances working autonomously. One sound will be the kettle, which dictates the length of the piece later on. Once every appliance has been used, the performance moves to the second phase.

The second phase would be introducing the Performer B, who is playing an ebow on a guitar to create a drone. This will also be gradually manipulated using effects pedals, so that some of the room’s ambience can be altered, as it will be played out from each of the loudspeakers around the person’s head. At this stage, Performers C and D will be re-working the sounds they sampled but keeping them on headphones. This continues until the kettle boils, and then Performers move to the final stage.

The final stage will be Performers C, and D playing their manipulated sounds from the speakers nearest to the appliance they come from alongside Performer B. These three Performers will be given an open score, so that they can react to each other, and can be spontaneous in their approach. Performer A will now mix the audio to ensure it is at the correct volume for the listener’s vantage point. The performance ends after every sample has been played, and each Performer has non-verbally indicated they are ready to stop performing.

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