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CWL Update log (May)

Here’s all the updates from the 1st of May:

31st May 

  • Added verification by checking if any fields are blank, and only allowing players to progress when they have filled everything in.
  • Need to add in some kind of verification that a name isn’t already used to prevent conflicts.
  • Turn taking and drop out system are in! Very simple use of a hash table with each player against a boolean, if they’re inactive the game checks if anyone else is still in the draft, and changes to next player or announces the draft done depending on the outcome.

30th May

  • We have what I’m calling pack support! Players can have a moddable roster and things to kick off a game with – in most games this would just be hard-coded very easily, but I wanted full mod support!
  • This is a major part of the project I wanted to add in – there is a lot to improve on, but I’m thrilled to have all my mod support added at long long last. Next will be the roster draft, and committing a new game save that combines player input and the pack for the initial save…
  • Started a process of checking if players have inputted the minimum info to start a game save. Currently mega buggy. 🙁

29th May

  • A huge change that… looks like nothing changed – players now can load their save files in from the right folder, and can “mod” the game for the first time!
  • There’s also a settings file that informs Unity which save file was last interacted with, so that the “continue” button is up to date.
  • Up until here, I was using a Resources folder because it was quick for me. Now I’m at the save creation/new game side, I wanted to finalise how I wanted the file structure to be in the final release.
  • There’s a thing called persistent data path that is dynamic across all platforms, so that should theoretically allow easy mods on any platform.
  • Added in the save file templates (I call them “packs”), and am working on a selector for them in the new game screen. Here’s where the roster, towns, titles, and stables will live, and packs are only loaded for a new game save.
  • The plan is that if a player wants a different roster, they make or download a pack, pop it in the packs folder and it’ll be selectable for the next new game they start.

28th May

  • Reworked the save file system to use actual save files instead of the Unity Text Asset that I use for testing. An XML file can have unlimited saves inside, but I envision players making a new XML for each game they play as the files are tiny.
  • This is a step towards release, and also towards having default character “packs” that players can use as a template scenarios for their new games. (CWL season 1 for anyone feeling old school for example).
  • Selina in CWL suggested a feature – an in-season character edit menu to keep rosters fresh and keep the show up to date with gimmicks without digging out the text editor.
  • Note: Had a break from 25th to 28th, healthy Adam is productive Adam.

24th May

  • Players can now change their show name and select a day of the week to run their show. Currently one player per day is manageable, but I might expand to run “head to head” once I’ve got some more critical features in.
  • Sanitised player input to prevent people’s wacky names breaking or being evil with the SQL saves.

23rd May

  • Started on the player input system for adding their names etc. Players can now indeed add their name and have it stored in a temp hash table ready to make a build save!
  • There’s a page/tab system to enable many players to navigate and set up each player.

21st May

New game settings

  • Added new game settings and my first UI screen!
  • – and + buttons work by triggering an event that adds or subtracts what I need them to, then refreshes the text to reflect the change.
  • This stuff will then be there ready for writing the new game save.

18th May

Draft screen map in nody

  • Added in the screens and Nody setup for the draft on accound of it being pretty straight forward to do so. I like having the UI ready to plumb in features.
  • Finished the past match ratings screen, and tested it with a few example match cards. It didn’t explode and now shows the ratings.
  • Added some… and I mean some of the logic behind the draft picking (in truth I poached from the roster management code as it was reusable).

17th May

Screenshot of primitive results page

  • Big roadmap made – this will be its own post at some stage this week!
  • Results now display in the results section with the winners and losers – I still have a lot to do here with ratings being shown and such, but it’ll get there.
  • I had a chat with a wonderful human who is interested in deciding who wins matches, so I’ll add a feature for this to my shiny new roadmap. Watch this space, some cool things may be around the corner if all goes well!

16th May

  • Calendar improvements!
  • We now can look ahead and into the past to view months!
  • The game is now linked “under the hood” to the results in the save data (it knows to go and look up shows by date, and passes it through.
  • The game now knows the difference between past and future, and won’t let a player select a date in the future (there won’t be a record there, so it makes life nice and easy for the player).
  • Next stop… parsing all the string data so that the results display as they should do…

14th May

Calendar screenshot

  • “Would you like to save” confirmation button when your turn ends
  • Calendar now loops, checking if there’s a show, recolours buttons if there’s a show and is slightly more efficient. – Need to wipe colours after leaving UI – maybe a nice nested prefab to revert to?
  • UI scaling improvements – now works with Ipad and a bunch of aspect ratios – just mobile to sort next.
  • My laptop is alive and works!

1st May

Screenshot menu item

  • Scroll views now scroll up and down when using controller (can see stuff!)
  • Can play whole rounds of gameplay – controller UI works fully! (test pending)
  • Added UrFairy’s wonderful screenshot custom action in tools/screenshot. Expect nice screenshots in future!
  • Fixed issue where info bar covered the game text (moved everything down)

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