A screenshot of the new calendar system. The dates are simplified and player colours and logos are featured.

CWL Commissioner – July Update Log

I was quite busy with work this month, but as July wound down I have been able to pour more time into CWL Commissioner again. It feels great! 🙂 More under the hood tweaks this month compared to last, but these updates are vital to getting this game out to people.

I’ve also just noticed, I am missing an opportunity to link people to the CWL Universe with these posts!

Here is the CWL Discord link

Here is the CWL Reddit page

Here is the CWL Commissioner Itch.io page

27th July

  • Released a big survey into the CWL Universe community! Thank you to everyone who has responded so far. I’ll write up a summary of the findings, as it is important to be transparent and give the people what they want! 🙂

26th July

  • I Moved all the savedata stuff into separate FSM objects – this makes troubleshooting much, much easier and also enables me to add features with better clarity.
  • Identified some more issues with loading and the calendar system, and mostly ironed them out.

25th July

  • UI is 100% scaled, it should work on any device in landscape orientation.

24th July

  • Milestone! Load game works! It actually works! Hooray!
  • Reconnected the “wipe hash tables” FSM to the game, as it had got lost somehow (pinging out the event to nowhere isn’t ideal!)
  • Found a pesky hash table lookup that was returning null as a string with the letter “0” is different to an int number 0.
  • Did a quick test run, and suprised myself with how far things have grown – morale automatically changes, emails get sent when wrestlers are sad, cards autofill and simulate… I can confidently say this game might just make it out for release! 🙂
  • Type errors have been something I am trying to iron out, as when I have a flurry of building, I can get a bit variable happy. I’m investigating an intermittent issue that prevents the email system working, and creates an infinite loop. This is almost certainly a type error, and I’ll fix that ASAP.

23rd July

  • Worked on the UI heavily – things are far more consistent, and the UI doesn’t get cut off in various resolutions if they’re landscape.
  • Began investigating a load game bug and inadvertently did things to optimise on the way.

22nd July

  • Made the calendar show a transparent png image if there isn’t a show on – this avoids awkward white default images.

21st July

  • I did it! The past few days I have worked on the calendar restructure, and I must say it’ll be far more maintainable. I have lost some of the fancy functionality with datetime, but the suggestions made by Boop (thank you so much again) will make the game better to play, and in sync with the in-game calendar.

14th July:

  • I worked on the UI, fixing problems that were raised in the CWL Commissioner live stream of the prototype build.
  • Planning out how to restructure my calendar from real dates to modular (4 weeks per month without dates)

1st July:

  • Continued to work on the automatic removal of a team from the match setup if the player removes everyone on a team (this prevents empty “ghost” teams and situations like “Albert vs Bob vs vs vs Carl” appearing.
  • Fixed a bug where unexpected extra wrestlers were removed from the card hash table but not the UI. Check for empty “ghost” teams and then automatically removing those by triggering the remove team button on them seems to work.
  • I noticed a strange bug where the remove team code doesn’t always shuffle everyone down to plug gaps in the list (Team 0, Team 2 should be 0 and 1, otherwise Carl vs vs Dave happens as it’s reporting a team 1 that doesn’t exist).

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