Screenshot of a save confirmation screen.

We are saved!

Today has been an amazing day for the game project! We now have the ability to save progress, which has been no small undertaking, read on to find out more!

Screenshot of a save confirmation screen.
Players can now save their game to an XML file. Progress! 🙂

After a few weeks of headscratching, we are at a point I’d thought would take much longer, and the game now has a primitive save system! 🙂 I am very glad that all my work to make all the game data moddable through XML has paid off, as it’s been a case of grabbing all the info out of Unity and making a new file. 🙂 There’s much more to be done, but I’m incredibly happy with how it’s going.

Next features will be:

  • Adding in match records, so that players can look back at their previous events and jog their memories as to who fought who.
  • Simulate! Match outcomes will finally be a feature, as will star ratings!

I hope to get some updates on these things soon, as I had them up to scratch in a previous iteration of this project (using SQLite), and have a good idea on the methods I’ll be using.

Stay tuned for info on the release of the game, as I’ll be offering out a test version for people to pick at and try out! 🙂

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