Unity/Max Game Update

I’ve been pretty quiet the last week due to having some coursework to finish, but I’m now back on the game building project!

For the past few days I’ve been solidly working on the game and its sound engine, and it’s got a very bare but solid structure now.

The main update is the implementation of UDP streaming data into Max MSP. I had a battle getting the strings sent by unity converted back from ASCII codes into plain text for max, but found a lovely Max Object called LString, and that made my life much easier.

Current features:

  • Speed is mapped to the transport speed in Max- Vehicle speeds up, so does the music
  • Pretty water, and pretty lights to show where zones are
  • GUI to indicated paused game, and speed of vehicle
  • Average speed takes over when the vehicle stops
  • Pause functionality, and music stops on pause
  • Triggering sfx is very possible
  • Basic zone 1 & 2 coded
  • Mixer
  • Zone code gets activated and deactivated when player is near or far from a platform. – All 9 files are open, but activated when they’re needed
  • Basic, unedited samples for the synths and drums- this will take time…

To do:

  • Edit samples to make them start at zero- delayed starts ruins rhythms
  • Add in the tokens/power-ups to score zones by
  • Add in stuff to destroy & the UDP code to get that into Max
  • Finish recording & editing all samples
  • Code in all the Zones
  • Basic game dynamics
  • Improve DSP
  • Game Menu
  • See about getting the soundtrack opened by Unity automatically


Sample sources:

Korg Monotron with effects

Squier Bullet Mustang with Digitech RP350 for Fuzz

Ibanez Bass with Digitech RP350 for Distortion

Boss Dr-5 Drum Machine

Filtered White noise

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