Ringside Booker – boring but busy!

Hello! 🙂 I have been chiselling away at the UI system recently, and whilst it’s all cody nerd stuff, it’s all very important and I look forward to sharing things soon!

General Update

Currently I’ve been working on some nice programming principles like inheritance to make sure that my code is expandable this time. It’s starting to speak for itself, as I am almost making a panel each day at this point! For contrast, this was about a month per panel in CWL Commissioner. Hopefully I’ll have a skeleton of a game that can be played and tested before long.

UI Coding

I’ve worked on a popup and panel system. Previously I was using a third-party system, and I’m hoping my more “hands on” rigid class-based setup will pay off! Currently I’m finding the more unique things like interupting gameplay for a popup, then restoring what was on-screen is much easier already, so that’s lovely to see. 🙂

I’ve also made players selectable, with a jazzy emission shader to show who you clicked on. On top of that, there’s also an info panel with their details. I’ve yet to make the panel have drag select, but that’s next!

A screenshot of ringside booker. There is a pawn highlighted, and a box to the right of the screenshot saying details about the wrestler. On the left is a preview of the match card, showing that match 1 of 6 has been simulated.
Here is the current state of things! 🙂 Proud so far.


I also have been finalising the idea of the “story” mode in the game. I aim to make this game a love-letter to the world of pro-wrestling, hopefully so much that it can give a casual fan a few “wow” moments that they can read up on. I experienced this playing Game Dev Tycoon, and it definitely stuck with me. The idea at the moment is a 1900’s to 2020s whistlestop tour, putting the booker in various arenas and promotions. The idea is also that it serves to introduce game mechanics gradually to mirror the complexity of live/taped shows.

I have considered the soundtrack too, I am very excited to try and put together a time-spanning genre journey.

Onwards and upwards!

Thank you for reading this, it makes me happy to think someone might enjoy this game when it’s done. 🙂


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