Spaces and Places: Simple delay patch for Ferens Gallery live soundscape

I’ve spent a few hours throwing around ideas for my Tyro piece at the gallery, and realised a live industrial soundscape played live would be an awesome thing to throw in!

To get this to happen I’ve made a Max Patch which uses the tapin and tapout objects to make two delays. Both are linked to a pan2 object so that I can decide to feed the input into one or both of the delays. These two will be allocated left and right speakers in the room, so that I can introduce sound for different parts of the room during the composition.

Hopefully I’ll be building up a library of field recordings or sounds which fit the idea of industry and hopefully are quite unsettling to have blaring out of the main speakers. This should give the melodic content from the guitar amp behind the listeners a chance to shine through.

Update: I added this into Ableton through a Max for Live effect!

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