One hundred cylinders in an arena with a wrestling ring!

Ringside Booker progress videos!

I return with videos to show how things are going! 🙂 There’s a full video at the bottom of this post, but I made small ones for dramatic effect! 🙂

I present 10 AI beings wandering about a grid, using A* pathfinding to navigate between destinations!

That’s cool and all, but only ten… let’s consider a hundred!

How about something vaguely resembling gameplay! 🙂

To explain, each pawn is generated at start, has a random name, and at the start, a match card is randomly plucked out of these created characters. When I hit next match, we go to the next one in the card. The people with blue icons are waiting backstage as they’re up next, whereas the people with green ones are meant to hit the ring as soon as they can. There’s also a camera and time controls as they made me happy. 🙂

Hopefully this is all fun! I would like to explain through my code if anyone’s interested, and once I’ve finalised it! 🙂 Thank you for visiting and looking at this.


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