Spaces and Places: Meeting at the Ferens and Update on Composition

Today I had a meeting at the Ferens gallery, where we discussed the technical requirements and restrictions of the space we’re performing our pieces in. Luckily my performance didn’t have many issues to work out, and I’m just very excited to get going now!

I’ve got a structure for the piece now, which is always nice. The main plan is for me to be playing a mixture of pre-written and improvised music, whilst the delay I coded in Max MSP records it in 10 second layers. Whilst I’m doing this, Ash and Nadira will be triggering samples, and changing effects on a Launchpad, MidiMix, and effects pedals.

Once I’ve finished the written material (roughly 2 minutes), there will be silence as a quote from Lewis himself will be played, prompting all of us to go all out with an open score performance. The delay buffer will also be unleashed in a blast of energy, to go from the extreme of silence to sonic activity. I think Blast fits Lewis’ manifesto and approach, and describes the second half of the piece, so that’ll be my working title.

My next job is a very fun one, as I’m going to gather quotes and recordings from Lewis, and creating samples of industrial sounds for the Launchpad project.

After that it’s just a case of experimenting with the effects possible, and then rehearsing!

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