Bertie the dog with his favourite wellie and yellow ball.

Life update! (Sorry it’s been so long!)

Wow… I didn’t realise how fast time had flown! Time to write on this darn blog! 🙂 This is more of a personal post, a lengthy ramble about CWL Commissioner will follow (TL;DR it got into a right state with the code, so I am nuking and rebuilding from the ground up – astonishingly it’s taken an eighth of the time now I’m using proper code!).

Big news things:

  1. I got a real Unity Developer job! ♥ I’m so happy to use Unity as a job and hobby! I’ve been there a few months and love it – it’s hard work, but I’ll be damned if it’s not really fulfilling and enjoyable – and I am learning a tonne. It also means the game and website are secure for the forseeable future, as I’m earning and have a good work to life balance.
  2. Having a job like this means I meet the salary threshold to get my partner to the UK! ♥ This is very exciting, and starts the process for everything else, getting married, moving in etc. Did I just say getting married?! Damn that’s awesome! 🙂
  3. On… a sadder note… my dog Bert passed away at the end of May. 🙁 I miss him… a lot. He was a really good dog, and the house feels weird without him.

Aight! Now I’ve done the life stuff, onto the code! 🙂 Expect details in the next while!

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