Unity Game Update!

There have been major updates the past few days on the Unity game! They include power-up tokens, a relationship system for each zone, and cannons at hostile zones.A quick note: I’ve given the project a working title of “Frontiers” for now, as it’s a play on words, seeing as it’s a space game and all.

The list includes:

  • A power-up system. This is basically a take on the very first Unity introduction called Rollerball, and I’ve just introduced consequences to picking them up (e.g. picking up Zone 1’s will make them like you, and make them stronger). The power-ups orbit their zone.
  • Towers, which have two cannons on them. Currently they appear out of thin air when you upset a zone enough, and they shoot lasers at you unless you dodge them or hide behind something.
  • Walkways, which serve as cover, and also break the monotony of the scenery.
  • A player cannon, so you can shoot the towers, and destroy them if their strength is low. The enemy zones like this and your relationship with them improves as a result. The idea is to have no need to shoot unless you choose to, as the player doesn’t have to make anyone hostile.
  • Players can also dock onto a zone to regain health.
  • Basic GUI with sliders.

The sound engine to my delight hasn’t needed any tweaking besides introducing an object called a load bang (which means when the Max patch opens, it sends a signal to whatever you need- saving you loading it up and having to click anything to get it working).

So far, everything is working on the Max side, and I’ve just got to keep plodding on with the samples and code to get a really dynamic and unique sound engine. I need to really justify my decision to create a bespoke sound engine by introducing detailed features that couldn’t be possible inside Unity or an existing middleware such as Fmod or Wwise.

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