Bowhead- Now for some sound…

I started to add sounds into the project, starting with sub-bass. I created this by “playing” along to the video using a Korg Monotron, with very low pitch, and the VCF Filter set very low. I then filtered the recording down to 60hz, so that it wasn’t distinguishable what the sound was, but the rumble was there.

I then added an arpeggio of a D minor chord on guitar. I stretched this ten second clip to three minutes in Paulstretch, so that the notes gradually swell and decay with a drone-like quality. I added layers of the clip in different octaves, and reversed, so that there would be different chords inadvertently made from the position of each note. They can be fitted into key points in the clip using Ableton’s warp tool, and the automation did lend the clips more emphasis for parts of the video.

I also had the idea of adding in a feedback loop experiment I did back in 2009, which has some shrill sounds and some very unsettling siren-like sounds. This will sit very low in the mix, but add some detail and drama to parts of the video.

I also added some very high pitched synth notes which are fluttering left and right very quickly, so that they hopefully add some sense of being surrounded in the environment.

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