CWL Update!

Here we are in April! 🙂 The game is taking shape nicely, and in some ways, despite being slow in progress, I’m really happy with the way things are turning out. Working full time in Unity and coming home to work… on a Unity project can be tiring. So whilst it is easy for me to get disappointed at times, I have to keep that in mind.

We are the champions!

The big thing in the coming update I’m doing is title belts – something for the wrestlers to actually battle for! I’m already finding that this addition is exposing a lot of fringe cases in my new systems. The main code has definitely benefitted from having to take stock, and redo chunks of the UI logic. On the other hand it was beautiful to see the title allocation and defences work perfectly using code I wrote a year ago!

Behold… the first title defence in CWL Commissioner!

Next steps

I’m at the polishing and bug catching stage, and hoping to unleash it to my CWL friends (watch the show, and join in if you’re interested!) It should be a lovely thing when it’s out. I’m then going to look into that blasted calendar, and the random events that should really give CWL Commissioner its own personality.

Adding in the win/loss records, and stats has really helped me to get a feel for how the game will play. It’s very easy to just leave the player with a blank canvas; I’m trying to toe that line and keep things fresh without being overbearing.

I update frequently on the CWL Discord, so if you’d like to keep tabs on progress, I’d recommend it there! 🙂 I’m also updating the trusty roadmap as the project progresses for a nice quick glance at how things are looking.

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

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