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CWL Update log (Dec 19 to May 20)

Here’s all the updates up to the 1st of May:

1st May

  • Scroll views now scroll up and down when using controller (can see stuff!)
  • Can play whole rounds of gameplay – controller UI works fully! (test pending)
  • Added a screenshot custom action in tools/screenshot
  • Fixed issue where info bar covered the game text (moved everything down)

18th April

  • Email screen and reader are complete!!!!! It reads subject, gets the key for the message template and then goes back to the reader with the content after using this key to get the message content!
  • Sorting is now alphabetical
  • Add team and add wrestler both work! 😀 It’s pretty rough and untest bed it works and is integrated with the match tables out the box! 🙂

17th April

  • We have morale being altered with wins and losses (not for the team though currently, just who was pinned/pinning).
  • If morale is below 50 a conditional email is sent by the loser saying “help” if below 20 it is more passive-aggressive, and will be when the other GM gets a special steal talent email?

16th April

  • Migrated to Unity 2019.3.9f1 & the new playmaker.
  • Fixed a few little niggling bugs.

14-15th April

  • Every element of the game’s data is implemented as XML for both saving and loading!
  • This is a tiny update, but it was a huge undertaking and huge achievement for me 🙂

13th April 2020

  • Created hopefully my first complete XML save with all variables
  • Made every variable in save load into hash tables – may need to extend load time

11th April 2020

  • planned out all save data into a spreadsheet

10th April 2020

  • Random match button
  • Clear matches button

9th April 2020

  • Improved the lighting
  • Made moves towards an alternate arena
  • Popularity stats change on a win/loss!

8th April 2020

  • 2 more trons! I love Unity, so easy to add in really complicated elements like cameras that draw to a screen. 🙂 Will definitely need to test this on other hardware and dumb it down, as I might go overboard on the realism!
  • Added in towns! Each player can have a list of towns it’ll run through!
  • The ropes change colour depending on what show is on
  • We have profile pictures and brand logos! All editable really easily within the resources folder! 🙂 Happy Adam

7th April 2020

  • Improved wrestler selection buttons so that the text aligns properly
  • Camera upgrade – camera dynamically moves around to give the game some life
  • Fireworks on the stage!
  • Slightly better lighting
  • Fixed issues with wrestlers being placed weirdly or invisible – set to match 1 in matches fsm was the culpril (loop stored match table was always writing match 1 into temp).

6th April 2020

  • Cheats menu, Up Up Down Down
  • Credits Page
  • CWL Logos on ring skirts
  • Tron camera
  • Moddable UI Colours!
  • Recruited Boop as graphics creator! 🙂
  • Improved the algorithm to Overall – inverted popularity
  • Ropes!

5th April 2020

  • Too much to list
  • Match ratings UI
  • Match rating systems
  • Match simulation
  • Announced game release
  • page
  • Save system fixes (line breaks)
  • News page displays average rating of show!

29th Feb

  • Fixed save screen so it moves ahead
  • Fixed scaling issues on prefabs

9th Dec 19

  • Weeks system – set up weeks remaining system

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