Projects Update: Bowhead, New Project, Short Compositions.

In between everything going on getting ready for Post-Grad study next year, I’ve been working on the Bowhead Game, Short Pieces of Music for a Twitch Show, and brainstorming for a currently undefined project. This is just a quick rundown of what I’ve been up to!

Bowhead – Web Game/Mobile Version

I have reworked all the code from the Bowhead Game, adding in menus and improved optimisation. The game currently crashes in the browser when the play button is pressed, so it needs much more work in order to be viable, I assume that a complete ground-up build might be the answer.

Music Shorts

The music is going steadily, most themes are drafted for each character, although I now have a final push, because as of this week, the game we are streaming now has custom music support! I am hoping to take advantage of the amazing facilities at my Uni in order to compose with greater quality and speed, with all the software and hardware at my disposal.

Unknown Project

I have gone back to the drawing board with the wrestling game ideas, as I had a basic game running, but felt that the project should be shelved indefinitely in favour of something more music-oriented. I have not got the resources to record commentary samples at my desired standard, and I feel that there are much more effective ways to learn more of pure data which can be of use on my Masters Project. I am hoping to create something useful or at least unique for this project, as there is scope for this project to be expansive, so it is possible I’ll look more towards code-based composition and hopefully a unique interactive experience for a certain audience.

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