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It’s that time again :(

It brings me no joy at all. Sadly, it is time for yet another iteration of rewriting my game from scratch.

I took a look around and saw 5 excellent booking games, all incorporating elements of mine, and doing it to a far higher standard than my game. Money has never been the aim of this game, but… making something exciting and unique is what makes this something I want to do.

I would also be amiss if I didn’t also mention just how soul-destroying removing every mention of CWL from this project was. Everywhere I looked, there was a logo or character I couldn’t use, and a reminder of something that meant a great deal to me.

While I did this, I realised how clunky the UI was, and tried to improve it. Whilst brilliant, the systems that got me set up so quickly felt like they were strangling the project – I needed to make my own, and do it from scratch to feel in control of things.

These three reasons made me need to take the horrid step of making my third unity project for the same game concept. It’s been a long month, but I’m getting towards what my original idea was, and I feel it should be so unique and cool to work on. There’s definitely no wrestling game like it, but I said that when I started making a booking game four years ago, so… who knows?

Thank you to whoever reads this. I hope to have more info soon. 🙂

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