Main Menu Screenshot - Various options such as Book Show, Emails, Calendar, Roster Management are there.


Well… it’s hugely overdue, but I feel it’s time I actually update my site and talk about what I’ve been up to for the last 9 months!


Firstly, the fun stuff! I am making a game, and it’s been in progress since February of 2019!

To briefly sum it up, it’s a remake of the very popular and in-demand “GM Mode” game which lived happily on the old WWE Wrestling titles. It will enable players to pit their abilities as show managers to the test and compete for show supremacy by putting on the best matchups whilst wading through the challenges of running a roster. Cashflow, bruised egos, injuries, and many swerves will hopefully make this game very fun.

To add to this excitement, I’m partnering with the wonderful CWL online wrestling show to use their amazing characters and roster to give the game life! Yes, this game will have a roster! But if players would like to book matches between superheroes, real-life wrestlers, pets or household applicances, the game will have full modification support to make this possible.

In case my enthusiasm isn’t coming through, I’m beyond excited to share this game with the world! More details will follow, but for now here’s some screenshots of a VERY VERY early version of the game:


I’ve just got a new job helping people at a school as a Teaching Assistant. It’s very fufilling so far, and should leave time to work on this game project and other things too. 🙂


I plan to use this site much, much more this year to document the development process of this game and everything else! Last year flew past and although I spent all this time working on this project, I didn’t feel that I had enough to share, or had my head so far into the work side that I didn’t write anything about it. Hopefully this year will be the one. There might be a project section for this game coming up too. 🙂

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