Interactive Programming

Simple Happy House (Unity WebGL, 2022)

Synth Museum (Interactive Web Audio, 2018) Click here to view the Synth Museum blog post.

Multiplayer Music (Interactive Web Audio, 2018) Click here to view MPM blog posts.

Monotron Inspired Synth (Interactive Web Audio, 2017)

Wrestling Rhythm Game (Unity/AudioHelm, 2017)

Frontiers (Unity & Max MSP Game and Audio Engine, 2017)

Whale Game – Hull Maritime Museum (Collaborative Unity and Max MSP Game, 2017)

Quadraphonic (Max MSP multiplayer musical environment) Click here to view Quadraphonic blog posts.

Music Composition/Fixed Media

Blast into the Vortex – Ferens Gallery, Hull (Live Electronic Performance, 2017)

I See You (Short Video Composition, 2017)

Bowhead – Hull Maritime Museum (Short Video Composition/Installation, 2017) Click here to view Bowhead Blog posts

Beverley Gate –¬†Ferens Library, University of Hull (Short Collaborative Video Installation, 2015)

Tubes – Fruit, Hull (Electronic Composition/Performance, 2015)

Ice Cream (Electronic Composition, 2015)