A random picture of the game. It has nothing to do with the forums, and shows a few people walking around a blocky building from a top-down perspective.

It’s the Phenomenal Forum!

Not my proudest wrestling pun, but I had to take it. We now have a jazzy new forum to talk all things about this game, and anything else!

Building a game can be a little lonely, and it would be nice to talk about it. I would love to build up a friendly community around this game, bounce ideas off people, and hopefully make a better game that people want to play. Also, it was kind of fun to get it all set up.

Why a forum? Mainly if it’s hosted by me, it’s advert-free, and away from monetised platform nonsense (looking at you reddit and twitter), and I always used to love these sorts of places for chatting. I hope it’s good. 🙂


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