CWL Commissioner June Updates

Here’s the CWL Commissioner June updates log!

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June 29th

  • Continued the remove team element, and got it finished, including a nice bit of logic that plugs the gap made by removing a team (e.g. in a match between teams 0, 1 and 2, removing team 1 moves to down to a slot so there isn’t a gap).
  • Started work on a remove wrestler button too, which is working, save for a few bugs and fringe cases to iron out (for example removing a team if there are no wrestlers in it).

June 28th

  • Started on a remove team element in the UI, so that match editing is more user-friendly, and people can change their minds without having to cancel all their changes.

June 27th

  • Fixed issue with the game getting stuck in a loop trying to find wrestlers on a player’s show when they haven’t got enough wrestlers on their card to pick another one at random.
  • Note: I know my laptop did go in for repair this month, but I know I have worked a little more on the project in the gap here and not logged it.

June 4th

  • Unbroke images, and added a pack attribute to saves so that they know where to look for images (packs/packname/portraits)
  • Fixed some nagging errors with wrong types being used for things in the saves (float instead of string etc) – I had a clearup months ago and I guess never finished migrating things to the right type? Should actually make the marginally faster, and I like not having angry red symbols!
  • Updated a setParent script to use the setparent method as Unity got cross with the script I was using being outdated as it that did parent = transform.

June 3rd

Broke images as they needed a new home which wasn’t as simple as “load”, and getting them loaded involved bytes and things.


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