Ringside Booker Update: We have progress (board)!

I’ve been busy on improvements and new features. Also, now when I forget to update things, I have a handy project board to remind me!

An image showing a box being dragged to select multiple characters in the game. Some are glowing to show they are selected. A line is drawn to show the path they take to their destination.

Hello Trello!

If you’re interested in following the project in a very quick and blunt way, I have just the thing! My very own trello board where I plan to log all the stuff I’m working on and plan to add. 🙂

What a drag

Input and controls have evolved a bit since my last update, and now players can:

  • Drag-select multiple people, comb through their selections one by one to view stats etc
  • Right click while dragging the mouse to move the camera
  • Fixed a small bug preventing the game realising that someone could drag when moving down and left (I didn’t realise the magnitude of the problem!)
  • A neat little selection shader, with small tweaks to make selected characters glow
  • A line renderer to draw out their navigation path

Face the music

  • I may have accidentally made a branch to work on synthesis – I would love to revisit the dynamic audio systems I used to work on at Uni. The idea at the moment would be to try and create dynamic music to reflect the stories being told in the ring as best I can, possibly evolving over time to reflect the trends of each decade. 🙂 I’m nothing if not ambitious!

Here we go! Another year through. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to report more progress soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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