Battle Music Screenshot

Roadmap of the next posts and a general update

One issue I’m sure many people deal with when trying to maintain a blog or diary of their projects is that it is so easy to forget to take that step back and remember that it’s important to document the journey. I had a similar issue where as much as looking at this site felt too much like slacking off on my Masters projects, but along the way I have done my best to document the journey.

Now that I am free from the crunch of deadlines, I plan to set about uploading a bunch of content to the site to let everyone know what I’ve been creating. It may still take a while, as I am in the throes of the hunt for employment, but I am also acutely aware that actively maintaining a portfolio can only help on that front as well.

So… as promised, here is a taster of the projects that I’ve been working away on the past few months:

  • “Home” – An ambisonic first person puzzle experience
  • “Battle Music” – A generative music rhythm game
  • Interactive collaboration with algorithmic music in Max MSP

And looking ahead I would love to document my process of developing the Multiplayer Music Project even further to make it more intuitive and musical, collaborating on a platformer-style game, and refining the Synth Museum page, in between honing my game audio abilities with some small projects.

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