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Ramblings (it’s been a while)

I’m not sure if these small life things are read by anyone, but I feel they’re likely something nice to do. It’s been a tricky few months, partly down to migraines derailing most of my attempts to look at a computer for game-making after work, and the odd few things in day-to-day life that feel like a big deal until they’re dealt with. In general, I think things are good, I just need life to slow down for a minute!

When I feel like playing a game, I’ve been revisiting Fallout New Vegas (who isn’t doing something Fallout at the moment?), and having a blast. Sometimes a nice break from thinking, and sinking into a world is great. 🙂

I keep threatening to make music, and even got as far as setting up my audio interface last week, so hopefully I can make more weird sounds. It’s been a while and part of me worries that I’ll have forgotten how, or that part of me is not there any more, or just that the results will be rubbish – but I guess that’s subjective and I should just get making again.

Thank you for visiting this website, it’s nice to write things. Like I always vow, I’ll try not to leave it so long next time. 🙂

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