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Adam Courtney

    This feels weird, I’ll kick things off:

    I’m Adam, I am a programmer/developer with a love of music and pro-wrestling. I started making things in Unity when I was studying music, and really enjoyed building things. I have been a wrestling fan since 2001, and with a few gaps on the way, have always gravitated back to it. As a kid I loved the PS1/PS2 Yukes games, and especially enjoyed the GM Modes.

    I was watching a LOT of UpUpDownDown’s GM Mode playthrough whilst losing a lot of sleep doing my music projects, and kept thinking how cool an updated take on it would be. This was before Wrestling Empire, Fire Pro, and then 2K brought it back, so I was really craving a new game like this.

    Along the way, I was an original member of the now-defunct CWL (Created Wrestlers League), and loved the community who put the shows together with these (in my case) wacky characters. That community were so kind, and I wanted to give back with a branded game they could play that had our roster. I got pretty far into development, and then CWL folded last year. I was pretty gutted, but started again from scratch, and here we are! 🙂

    I like lasagne, and am likely to enjoy pictures of pets, dogs, hamsters etc.

    Anyway, now that’s out the way, hi! 🙂