A match card - the two wrestlers names have red and green rings around them to show who has been set to win the match.

Ringside Booker: Game Over

I am a little bit sad, but also slightly relieved to say I’ve decided to stop grinding away on Ringside Booker.

It was taking shape relatively nicely, and it was probably the cleanest code I’ve ever written, but I have had reason to look around and realise time is moving, and this game is something I am no longer feeling a need to create. I was fuelled by wanting to play a game just I remembered GM Mode, and… well I am now spoiled for choice, and each of those choices offer something better than I even had in my head.

Journey of Wrestling is the finished game in my mind, and I didn’t have to make it myself. It extends elements of what I hoped to make (character personalities, custom scenarios), and is just brilliant.

If I had worked on this full time, I am sure I could have gotten something that was worth finishing, but this game has led to me getting a job working with code, which in turn means to move out and start married life. I owe this project a great deal. A lot of projects just go silent, and I wanted to give this a neat, clear ending so people know the situation.

I would like to note that I am unlikely to be able to keep my paws off Unity or Godot for any length of time, but I’d like to make much smaller scope games that appeal to me. We’ll see.

To summarise the process:

  • June 2024 – Stopping development.
  • February 2024 – Restarted, this time back to a more basic setup, just with cleaner code.
  • November 2022 – CWL was ended and I had no rights to use characters etc. Restarted, this time working on a 3D Top-Down extravaganza.
  • May 2022 – Android build of CWL Commissioner (I still have this on my phone, and open it when I am wistful)
  • January 2020 – Officially started work on what was to become CWL Commissioner.

Thank you anyone who has been following this adventure over the years, it means a great deal. Sorry I didn’t get further with it, but I know that there are superior games out there to enjoy.

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